Assist in designing an investment policy statement

This is your map for picking and monitoring investments. We'll help every step of the way.

Few employees have the time or education to pick investments.  Educating your employees on the basics of retirement plan investing does two things.  It helps them get information that will help them understand their retirement plan and save money.  Second, educating employees reduces the liability that an employer faces by offering a retirement plan.  

Advice 4 Retirement representatives will help you enroll and educate your employees.  We can help by providing investment models and educate employees on the basics of retirement plan investing.

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Set Expectations

Establish a clear understanding of what services will and will not be provided.

I'm Van Richards, the founder of Advice 4 Retirement. In 1987, I began as a financial advisor in Houston.  Over the years, I have learned a great deal about helping people with their retirement and perhaps more importantly, I have learned what not to do.  Investments and insurance have changed, but people want the same thing.  People want an honest person they can trust to give them options and help them understand the possibilities.  That is what I can do for you, find options and help you understand the possibilities.  Click on Contact Us if you are ready to talk or read more on our site.


Provide fiduciary education

This helps you keep the employees' interest first and it helps the employees understand your plan.

Manage employee communications and education

You've got a business to run, we'll help you communicate the right information to your employees in a timely manner.




Vendor management 

We'll help you find the vendor that will meet your needs.

Provide ongoing investment and plan reviews

Retirement plans need to be reviewed to be sure everything is in order. We'll guide you. 

Perform plan design consulting

We'll help you decide which plan helps you and your company best.




Benchmarking assistance

How does your plan compare to other plans for companies like yours?  We've got the answer. 


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In a competitive job market one of the best ways to keep employees is to offer them competitive pay and employee benefits. One of the most popular employee benefits is a retirement plan. 

There are eleven tax advantaged retirement plans

to choose from.

  • 401(k)
  • 403(b)
  • Cash-balance
  • Defined-benefit
  • ESOP
  • Money-purchase
  • Profit sharing
  • SEP
  • Stock bonus
  • Target-benefit 

How do you choose?

At Advice 4 Retirement, we help you find the right plan, complete all the paperwork, set-up ongoing administrative processes, educate your employees about the options available and enroll them within the plan. 

We do accept a fiduciary duty when advising employers and employees concerning their retirement plan.     This duty is referred to as the 3(21) investment consultant fiduciary duty. Plus we will help employers fulfill their fiduciary duty. 

Check out The Planning Process to find more information or click Contact Us if you are ready to talk.




Fiduciary compliance assistance

Whether you know it or not you are a fiduciary.  We'll help you do what you need to do.


Small to medium sized company retirement plans.

Develop a retirement plan strategy

Understand roles and set goals for plans sponsor and participant success.